10/ 2013 Marche de l'Espoir (Walk of Hope)

Marche de l'espoir (Walk of Hope) - CHF 400'000 de promesses de dons

Approximately 4300 participants, mainly children, youth and team runner of Jetivia SA were at the meeting of solidarity the "Walk of Hope", organized by Terre des Hommes Switzerland on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 in Geneva.

The “Marche de l’Espoir”  is more than a meeting to support the less fortunate of our planet : it is a united party, a moment of good humor and above all, a real hope of building a better world ! Thanks to our sponsors.

They are mostly aged 7 to 12 years and many of them have walked or run between 30 and 40 km! With an average of 10 km per walker, it means they have realized cumulative a round of the earth, a beautiful symbol for the Walk of Hope ! 

http://vimeo.com/77145342  (VIDEO de 3’42mn)

Info : http://www.marchedelespoir.ch/fr/pays